• Batam Facility, Indonesia
  • 5.000m2 indoor workshops and 20.000m2 pipe storage yard;
  • Manufacture Oil states Conductor connectors and weld to pipe up to 36” diameter;
  • Threading of OCTG in all sizes;
  • Facilities include multiple SAW welding systems, CNC machines, and support equipment;
  • Including pipe loader, forklifts, compressors, gen sets and other.
  • Citeureup Facility
  • 4.000m2 indoor workshops and 15.000m2 yard;
  • Strategically located facility near Bogor Toll Road close to Jakarta;
  • Our workshops including Casing and Tubing Service warehouse and maintenance facility;
  • Complete with function test area, torque turn computer store, support office and bucking area;
  • Includes various support equipment, inside storage.
  • Balikpapan Operations
  • Branch office and workshop in Balikpapan to support Tabular Running, Casing Running and Bucking Service as well as general sales and administrative representation.