Premium Conductor Connection Range : Oil States Industries


IKE Licensed by Oil States Industries to produce a range of Connectors for large diameter casing and conductor, pipelines and riser connections. These connectors are designed for offshore and onshore operations, where rig cost and drilling conditions requires a fast make up and superior performance connector.

The Oil States Industries Connectors manufactured in IKE BATAM facility are produced to the highest industry standard to ensure a trouble free installation and service.

IKE field engineers have been trained by Oil States trained to professional manage the installation on the Rigs.

Each of the connectors has a specific attribute which provides our clients a comprehensive product range to meet all drilling requirement.


5/8 Turn Make-Up

This connector is a rapid make up designed with preloaded thread type. Has a high cone angel and is available in twin or four start thread. When stabbed the box swallows approximately 90% of the pin length. Stabbing guide prevents cross threading. Full make up in less half turn with for start thread and less than one turn with two start thread.

Size Range : 18.625”, 20”,24”26”30”36”

Low Torque make up, less than one turn make up, integral 4 point anti rotation provision, suitable for piling, reversible and reusable, visual indication for make up, pre loaded for fatigue.


OD & ID Flush

The puma is a flush threaded connector for use on exploration and platform drilling operations where size restrictions preclude the use of conventional upset connectors. The connector is fully driveable and utilizes high yield material to enable the connection to exceed pipe body capacities, while using standing pipe.

Size Range : 18.625”, 20”,22” 24”,26”,30”26”,42’,46”

OD/ID Flush, Make-up in 4 turns, Drivable-Double Abutment, Integral Elevator Shoulder, Double Elastomer Seals, Visual Indication of Make-up (External Abutment Face), Connector Material 110ksi Hi-Hos Design.


Metal Sealing

This connection is heavy duty threaded connector for use on exploration and platform casing strings where high strength and pressure integrity are important. Compared to other connectors, the Swfit DW2 requires very low make up torque and can be assembled using standard tongs. It combines a double start thread and reaches full make up in 1.5 Rotations. External indicator visually confirms full make up. Sealing is provided by integral metal to metal seal.

Size Range : 18.625”, 20”,24”26”30”36”

Pre Loaded for fatigue, Primary metal seal and back up elastomer, environmental seal, strength equivalent to casing, reversible and reusable, fast twin start, low torque make up.


Fatigue Resistance

This connector combines superior static strength and fatigue life with fast, nonrotational make up and a slim profile. Typically has cross sectional wall thickness of only 1.5”. These connectors have been used in sizes up to 60” OD and applications for open hole and tieback casing, conductors, structural tubulars, pipeline risers and TLP Tendons. The Merlin S is slim line verions, the Merlin D and HD are drivable models, Merlin R for riser applications. The connector has been designed to ensure the teeth can only interlock in the fully made up position. It is assembled with hydraulic clamp and air operated power pack. When the pressure is release, the box ‘shrinks’ onto the pin. Make up is visulally confirmed by external abutment faces. Break out is achieved by reversing the process.

Size Range: 20”,22”,24”,30”,36” and project specific requirements.


Weight Set

The Lynx is robust connector for conductors. It is the simplest type of connector to run. The connector is designed to meet the bending capabilities of the mating pipe body and be piled. These models stab easily, self align axially and assemble under weight of the joint. When box is stabbed over the pin, join weight expands the lock ring, the abutment faces meet and the lock ring snaps closed. Full make is visually confirmed by the inspection of the lock ring. Lynx disengage by running jacking bolts through the lock rign to release the pin.

Size Range: 18.625”, 20”,24”26”30”36”