OCTG Semi Premium Connection

Non-bevelled coupling

- available with 10 or 20 degree bevel -

The ROVAD Hi-Torque connection is one of the first specifically designed with casing rotation applications in mind that exceed API Buttress torque capabilities.

We designed the coupling with a torque shoulder with operators in mind for extended reach horizontal and SAGD type laterals.

Major operators like CNRL and Murphy have run over 1,000,000 m. in Canada without incident.

It is available in OD sizes ranging from 88.9 mm to 339.7 mm, these rugged connections deliver features and benefits that other connection just don’t.

Positive stop shoulder that provides 100% compression capacity and extra torque capability, together with an easy yet robust running.

Buttress thread profile that makes the connection compatible with standard API Buttress products.

Internal Flush design that minimizes erosion after flow during production or fracking

  • Robust Should ered Design offers controlled make-up, extra torque and compression resistance
  • API buttress compatible
  • 100% tension
  • Enhanced Structural capacity:
    • 100% PBYS in compr ession
    • Bending same as pipe body
  • Extra High Torque Capability
  • Internally flush
  • Positive torque shoulder with special
  • Pin nose design
  • Extended 10 deg or 20 deg Coupling Bevel
  • Casing while
  • Drilling
  • Shales
  • Geothermal - SAGD, CSS wells
  • CBM type wells