Tubular and Structural Inspection services

PT Indo Kaya Energi and Tubestar have formed a partnership that provides a comprehensive range of inspection services. Covering Indonesia, Southeast Asia and India, Our group provides inspection, repair and maintenance services, and calibration services. Now with wide range of offshore, Marine, Petro-Chemical inspection products, technical expertise, is uniquely placed to meet your inspection requirements.

Broadly stating our services are categorized under:

  • Drill Pipe Inspections
  • BHA Inspections
  • Casing and Tubing Inspections (New and retrieved)
  • NDT Services
  • Derrick Inspections (API RP 4G)
  • Lifting Gear (LEEA)
  • Crane Inspection and load Testing
  • Drops Objects Survey
  • Rope access Inspection and Maintenance Services
  • Cargo Handling equipment (MPI on Welds and Load Testing)
  • Rig Audit and acceptance
  • Yard Management Services
  • Training

Drill Pipe Inspections & Services (Inspected to API and DS 1 requirements)

  • Visual inspection on full body
  • EMI on full body
  • OD Gauging
  • U.T. (Shear Wave) inspection on full body
  • U.T. Wall Thickness measurement
  • Heat checking inspection
  • End area Inspections (VTI / Black light / Dimensions)
  • Visual Hard banding inspection if available
  • 3 feet end area Ultrasonic Inspections (Slip area MPI & Ultrasonic inspection)
  • Refacing Services
  • Straightening Services
  • ID cleaning with rattling
    BHA Inspections:
    • End area Inspections (VTI / Black light/LPT / Dimensions)
    • Centre wear pad inspections on HWDP (Dimensional/Visual / MPI on upsets)
    • MPI/LPT on Drill collar Slip & Elevator grooves
    • MPI/LPT on upsets
    • FLMPI /FL LPT (Optional)
    • Dimensional inspection to Spec API RP-7G-2 & DS-1 or customer specification.
    • Refacing Services

Casing and Tubing Inspections

  • Heat Traceability
  • Conformance to PO issued
  • Witnessing online EMI inspections
  • Witnessing all Calibration documentation
  • Random spot wall thickness measurements
  • Random Drift measurements
  • Loading survey
  • Identification OLD and Retrieved OCTG
  • Inspections to API Spec 5 CT/5B/5A5
  • OD Blasting
  • ID Cleaning
  • Spot wall thickness measurements
  • Grade Sorting
  • EMI on body (Tubing)
  • FLMPI using CDS units (Casing)
  • Visual Thread inspection
  • Drifting
  • Black light inspections
  • Hydraulic Pressure Testing
  • Bucking Services
  • Classification Derrick
Tubestar qualified personnel will carry out a Derrick Inspection (Category III) survey in line with API RP 4G. Category III inspections focus on load-bearing components and members to determine the condition of the mast/derrick and substructure. A detailed checklist found in the API RP 4G documents under Appendix A, B, C, and D is to be completed and documented in the permanent rig file. A Category III inspection should include observation of rig up and rig down operations and should be conducted every 730 operating days or approximately every two years.

Inspections as per API RP 4G requirements:

  • Inspection of Mast/Derrick and accessories
  • Sub Structures and accessories
  • Crown Block Sheaves and Bearing inspection under RP 8B
  • Eddy Current Inspection

Lifting Gear (LEEA)

  • Lifting Gear Inspections (MPI / Load Testing / recertification) as per PUWER (1998) and LOLER (1998)
  • Inspection and certification of loose lifting equipment
  • Fixed equipment Testing and certification
  • Provision of Lifting Gear Register
  • Eddy Current Inspection

Crane Inspection and load Testing Objective:

The pedestal cranes installed on the rig will be subjected to visual inspection at six monthly intervals in line with the API RP 2D, as well as other international standards where applicable. MPI is performed on various load bearing areas, including hooks, pedestal welds, load links & padeyes.
  • Inspection as per Guidelines to API RP 2D
  • MPI / Eddy Current Inspection
  • Visual Inspection
  • Load Testing

Rope Access Inspection and Maintenance

Qualified IRATA trained Rope access Personnel for NDT Inspections and General Maintenance work.

Thickness Gauging Inspections

  • UT Thickness gauging on Tubular
  • UT Thickness gauging on High Pressure lines
  • UT Thickness gauging on Mud tanks
  • UT Thickness gauging on Rig Spud tanks
  • UT Thickness gauging on Pressure Vessels

Radiography Inspection Services

  • Industrial Radiography (Gamma Ray, Iridium, Selenium, Cobalt & X-Ray)

Standards followed include:

  • Indian Standards.
  • British Codes.
  • ANSI B –16.34 (For Castings)
  • API standards
  • EN standards

Cargo handling equipment (MPI on Welds and Load Testing)

  • Inspection and recertification of Containers / Baskets and Pallets
  • Proof load Testing Services